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Stronger & Faster

MojoFIT™ / Hyenergy Fitness Training focuses on the idea that if you want to run and race faster, you have to train at a faster, high intensity pace. Listen to Paul McMullen, a member of the 1996 US Olympic Track team, talk about how this program will make you a faster and stronger runner.

Clearly Seeing Your Goal

The MojoFIT Warrior & Ultra Series sunglasses are our answer to a very overpriced segment of the fitness market. Combining quality craftsmanship and low-density materials, MojoFIT™ sunglasses are perfect whether you’re on or off the trails.

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MojoFit Warrior Pro Sunglasses

MojoFIT Warriors

The MojoFIT Pro Team understands the importance of a diverse training plan that goes beyond how many laps you swim, miles you run, or distance you bike. A training plan should include strength conditioning, nutritional guidance, and developing the mental fortitude to go that extra mile to achieve your goal.

Todd BuckinghamTriathlete
Nancy GavoorTraining Coach